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concrete countertops


Please call today to discuss the unlimited possibilities!!



"Our Process"

  1. Initial contact is made to go over details of the job, discuss preliminary pricing and lead time.

  2. Provided the estimated cost and lead time are in line with your budget and time frame, an in-home consultation is scheduled with one of our designers to discuss color scheme, design, share photos and discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

  3. Once all of the pertinent information is gathered, a detailed quotation is drafted and emailed to you within 2 business days.

  4. Upon acceptance of contract pricing, a retainer and signature of contracts is required. This will enable us to schedule a templating appointment if needed. At that time measurements of the cabinetry or area(s) that your new countertops will be located are carefully recorded. 

  5. Now we get to work! The details of your job referenced by the measurements that were taken and or the template that was created is taken back to our studio in Cumming GA where we begin to construct the forms for your job.

       Interestingly all of your countertops are formed and poured upside down!!  Pouring the concrete upside down guarantees a         very flat surface.

​   6. Once all of your forms are constructed and inspected for accuracy, our team begins the mixing and pouring process. The               concrete we use is not your ordinary concrete that you would see in driveways or sidewalks. Our special blend of concrete is           called GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete). GFRC is a specialized form of concrete with many applications. It can be                   effectively used to create façade wall panels, fireplace surrounds, vanity tops and concrete countertops due to its unique               properties and tensile strength   

   7. Once all of your concrete has been poured, we then cover your concrete with plastic sheathing. This process helps to                     strengthen the concrete during the curing process.  

   8. Once cured (usually after 24 hours) all of the concrete is then released from the forms and turned right side up.

   9. Time to process! Here our team uses special grinding equipment to sand and polish your concrete to a beautiful sheen.

  10. Ready for delivery and installation! We require full access to the work area. Please have the area clean and free of any debris          so we can efficiently install your project.






  • We recommend that you are careful with your concrete tops. Concrete is one of the strongest building materials on the            planet and will not break and will most likely outlast all of us, however it can scratch. Take care not to drag objects or place

       hot objects on the surface. The sealers that we use are very strong and create a barrier of protection. Depending on usage a         re-application every 6 months or so will ensure a beautiful surface for years to come.  This is very easy to do, if you can wipe 

       down a counter, you can apply the sealer. Its water-based, food safe, no odor and obviously safe to use around kids, pets etc.

  •  We do not install sinks, faucets or any appliances of any kind. Have a professional that is specialized in those areas 

        do the work. We pour beautiful concrete though!

  •  Concrete is hand-made & imperfections are to be appreciated. If it were perfect, it wouldn't have any character!





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